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They're are two type of minds in this world; those that look for knowledge & those who do not. It is those who look for knowledge who discover things like truth, who gain inspiration and desire to drive themselves forward in life. The ability to see the truth is one of the most useful things that a mind can possess. So I as a teacher & an artist have made it one of the many things in my life to express my creativity & show my wisdom to the world so that I may plant intelligence & inspiration into the mind of others. I am an artist I create memories

Educate Yourself is a free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Free Energy, Earth Changes, and the growing reality of Big Brother are also explored since survival itself in the very near future may well depend on self acquired skills to face the growing threats of bioterrorism, emerging diseases, and the continuing abridgement of constitutional liberties. It is strongly recommended that visitors to this web site print out hard copies of the information that is of interest. Do not assume that your hard drive, this web site, or even the Internet itself will always be there to serve you. To see Educate Yourself click on the picture above or this link

The greatest thing about gaining knowledge? It's something you can do all your life

ΩBullets that never miss/ change direction

ΩA.I. self flying drones/ city flyers and suburban gliders/ Shadow Hawks

ΩMosquitoes that vaccinate people funded by Bill Gates

ΩBIGDOG- four legged robot

ΩHolograms/ project blue beam

ΩProject blue brain

ΩRealistic and self learning robots with emotions and speech recognition

ΩChemtrails, HAARP and Geo-engineering

ΩCloud busting- humans having the ability to make clouds disappear with their mind

ΩSpy bird, dragonfly and bug robots



ΩLaw of attraction

ΩMind over Matter/ Placebo Effect

ΩObama not being born in America


ΩEye Scans

ΩRDIF chips

ΩFace scanning cell phones



Cold Showers

2045 avatar

ΩFree electricity sources

ΩCars that run on only water

ΩGoogle cars that drive themselves


ΩSatellites that can see you from space and see through clouds

ΩVaccines that have cancer viruses

ΩWater Memory

ΩLight Bodies

ΩUFO’s in the bible


ΩGMO foods and high fructose corn syrup bad health effects

ΩGovernment spying on you through your computer

ΩFacebook, Twitter, Google being government spying sites

ΩCelebrity used in media to trick and deceive the public with propaganda

ΩFluoride causing bone fluorosis and killing your brain neurons

ΩUnderground bases with mach trains

ΩDenver Airport secrets

ΩCloaking Devices

ΩQuantum Levitation

ΩCollege Scam

ΩAspartame/ Neotame

ΩGovernment did 9/11

ΩDEW (Direct Energy Weapons)


Pine Gap

Lucid Dreaming

ΩAgenda 21 & Agenda 30



Topics to Research

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